Saturday, May 2, 2009

Photos of the Chosen Car

Since there won't be any real progress until we get accepted or have our butts kicked and told never to come back, I have some photos of our rust bucket car. These were taken a little while ago, before it moved (Under it's own power!) to it's current residence in Bob's garage.
(above) A view from the passenger's side. Has quite a bit of rust and it doesn't get any better from there. Click for a larger version.
A view of the car from the driver's side. More rust.
Yet more rust around the back right wheel (passenger's side).
I wonder what we could get for those headlight assemblies...
Here's the only shot I have of the interior.

There's a gain of fifty chipmunks between the wing on the back, the wind deflectors for the windows and moonroof, and the highly-aerodynamical rust holes!

The car's former luxury features include:
Air conditioning, a cruise control system, and locks.

Mechanically the car:
leaks oil, has an odd noise on start up that could be a timing chain issue, could need a clutch adjustment or worse, really needs back brakes, a lot of rust prevention, and the rear suspension has a few "issues" that need to be resolved.

Sounds like a great race car doesn't it?

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